The Tale of The Grey Souls: Chapter 1

Parental Discretion Advised, Explicit Content

The mixed aroma of garbage and street food carts fills the atmosphere of the crowded New York City daytime street. Business people, homeless people, street hustlers, public servants, and tourists move about and stand still on this hot summer afternoon. In the midst of all these people calmly walks a six foot man in what looks to be a brand new grey suit. The suit had to have costs no less than $1,000, his tie would add another $200, his shoes another $500. His posture is confident, he strides with fearlessness and assurance. He has a fresh haircut and a perfect 5 o’clock shadow shave. He’s African-American. He turns down a street corner and makes his way into a small, not too noticeable dive bar called “Sabrina’s.”

“Sabrina’s” is the opposite of crowded and probably only contains 15 patrons, regulars if you will. It is definitely the last place you would expect our protagonist to be, but he walks in like he belongs there and no one else in the bar bats an eye at his presence, as if he is also a regular of the place. He signals a greeting towards the bartender and quickly makes his way towards the back. He walks through the kitchen towards a door in the back, he opens it and it leads to a flight of stairs. He makes his way up those stairs to another door. He opens that door and on the opposite side is an office containing a desk and next to the desk sits a large safe. Behind the desk sits another African-American man. The man behind the desk wears a short sleeved collared shirt. As soon as he notices the man walk through the door, he stands up and greets him with a smirk,

“Tone, how we looking?” Tone replies,

“Everything is prepared to ship tonight on schedule, one change though Leroy.” Leroy looks on at Tone with suspicion,

“What’s the issue?” Tone replies,

“No issue, just a change of delivery location. We’re not gonna unload that stuff at the laundromat this time.” Leroy begins to pour them both a drink,

“Feds onto it?” Tone grabs hold of his drink and takes a sip,

“Feds ain’t on to it, but I think one of these stick-up crews might be. Been seeing a lot of the same faces and this van.” Leroy looks at Tone,

“Feds ride in vans Tone.” Tone shakes his head,

“These ain’t Feds man. Don’t get me wrong, the Feds are aware of us, but they don’t know who we are. Trust me if it was Feds, I’d call the whole thing off. Like I said, it’s a minor issue that’s easily solved with a location change.” Leroy gazes down in his drink,

“We never unloaded here before.” Tone looks at Leroy,

“Exactly, so we don’t gotta worry about getting hit here. Plus it will be a one time thing. Nobody gives a fuck about this bar and that’s the way we like it, so that’s the way we intend to keep it.” Leroy replies,

“True. What’s good with the Mexican? He happy?” Tone grins,

“How could he not be? Business is great, money’s flowing in, and it’s been quiet. Ain’t nobody fucking with us and ain’t nobody trying to fuck with us!” Leroy nods,

“True. How’s that chick you been fucking with? You still fucking with her?” Tone sips his drink,

“Yeah man, I’m still fucking with her.” Leroy smirks and sips his drink. Tone looks at him frustrated,

“She ain’t a issue man. Things are going good between me and her and I already ran a background check. She clean. She ain’t no Fed, she ain’t running around with one of these other gangs. She’s a good girl and I like her, a lot. So get used to seeing her, I’m looking to keep her around awhile.” Leroy puts his drink down,

“I ain’t saying she ain’t a good girl Tone and I ain’t saying don’t go out here and bust your nut. But the business we in and the people we fucking with, having a wife can be a liability. When it comes to women and our business, you gotta get in and get out. What if the Feds get her or worse what if one of these savages out here get her? You don’t think she’ll flip or worse they kill her to draw you out, knock you off your game. When the heat comes around the corner, you best be ready to make a move. I don’t even keep good furniture. The wife, the big house, the driveway full of cars, the kids, that’s for when you out the game, not when you knee deep in it!” Tone continues to sip his drink,

“Maybe we’re nearing that time then.” Leroy replies in shock,

“How the fuck you figure that? You meet a girl and the whole shop shuts down? You think them guys in Mexico gon be cool with that shit? You think you can just call them motherfuckers up and be like, hey guys see you later?” Tone replies softly,

“They got you, you know what to do.” Leroy picks his drink back up and sips it,

“If only it were that easy. If it were that easy there would be less niggas in prison and more FBI agents out of the job. The only way people get out the game that quick is either dead or in jail. We a long way from retirement homeboy. Whether either of us likes it or not, we show up to the Mexicans talking about we want out and they gon kill us and chop us up right where we stand. You can fuck with that chick all you want, even marry her. But if you drop out of our little operation now, we all dead, including that girl. Them motherfuckers don’t mess around. They don’t like changes and they don’t like surprises and they’ll do whatever they gotta do to avoid them and/or send a message so the shit doesn’t happen again. I’m just giving you some advice, keeping your head in the game. The decisions you make with your dick and your heart are yours to make, but don’t use your dick to make decisions about business or they gon find us in an alley with both our dicks in our mouths.” Tone continues to sip his drink.

A Latino woman can be seen cleaning up the living room of a luxurious NYC apartment. She’s wearing a revealing t-shirt showcasing her amazing cleavage and black leggings hugging her voluptuous curves. She has long curly black hair, light brown skin, and green eyes. She quickly turns around as she hears the door open. In walks an exhausted looking Tone. The woman immediately smiles at his presence and glides over to him to greet him with a hug and a kiss,

“How was your day baby?” Tone looks into her eyes,

“Tiring, but seeing you makes it all better.” The woman makes her way to the living room couch, sits down, and signals for Tone to sit down with her. Tone does as he’s told and plops down on the couch in exhaustion. The woman rubs her hand over Tone’s caesar haircut,

“What’s wrong bae?” Tone looks her in her eyes,

“Just business shit. This shit’s getting old Lisa, I’m growing out of it. I don’t wanna do this anymore. I don’t think I need to.” Lisa gazes back,

“So quit.” Tone lifts his head back,

“It’s not that easy and Leroy ain’t making it any easier, but some of the stuff he’s saying is true. I just need time to think, come up with a plan to cut ties without creating any friction.” Lisa rubs on Tone’s head,

“You’ll think of something bae, you always do. We still going to the club tonight?” Tone stands up from the couch,

“Yeah, I’m gonna meet you there though. I gotta make a quick business run beforehand. It’s a run I can’t bring you along on.” Lisa looks on in amusement,

“You sure you ain’t going to see some other bitch?” Tone smirks,

“You know I’m only fucking with you.” Lisa smiles,

“You goddamn right. I got radar, tracking devices, and all that shit on your fine ass. You know how crazy us Spanish bitches is. Plus I ain’t scared to smell your dick neither.” Tone smirks again,

“That’s why I always keep it fresh for you baby.” The two of them kiss and embrace each other on the couch.

Tone and Leroy can be seen back in the office upstairs above the kitchen in “Sabrina’s.” On the desk sits a ton of Cocaine packaged bricks. The large safe next to the desk is open as the two of them stuff the safe with the bricks. There’s a bag full of cash at the bottom of the safe. Once they finish packing the safe, Tone closes it and locks it. He then looks at Leroy,

“Gilly’s gonna come here at 2 AM with the van to move the stash. Wait for him here and then ride with him to the next spot. From there we’ll split it up. One shipment for the truck drivers, one shipment for the club distribution, and one shipment for the street.” Leroy looks on at Tone with a sarcastic expression,

“I know the deal nigga, where you gon be at?” Tone replies,

“I’m going out with Lisa tonight.” Leroy looks on at Tone,

“Don’t forget what I told you man. Whip that pussy, don’t let it whip you!” Tone laughs,

“You watching too much Friday man.” There’s a knock on the door. Both Tone and Leroy quickly look on suspiciously. Tone looks back at Leroy with a worried expression and whispers,

“Who the fuck is that?” Leroy looks back at Tone with the same expression,

“It gotta be Gilly, he the only other person that knows we here tonight. Nigga must’ve got the time wrong.” Tone makes his way over to the door and looks through the peep hole. It’s Lisa with a subtle smirk on her face,

“Hey baby, it’s me.” Leroy gives Tone a wide-eyed enraged expression once he hears Lisa’s voice,

“You told her we was here? My nigga, what the fuck?” Tone looks back at Leroy with a confused expression,

“I don’t recall telling her where I was gonna be at. I just told her I had to make a business run tonight.” Leroy rolls his eyes,

“You probably told her when you was deep in that pussy, that shit got you losing your memory and your marbles. Fuck it nigga, open the door.” Tone opens the door. When he does, Lisa appears in the doorway and there’s a gunman behind her with a gun to the back of her head. The gunman shifts the gun to his right, over Lisa’s shoulder and fires his weapon.

To Be Continued…



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